Helping a Leading HRMS Platform Revolutionize their Visual Communication

brand overview

Darwinbox – one of our unicorn partners – is a leading HRMS platform that upscales the HR experience for employees and companies with its AI-based smart solutions.

They offer a comprehensive and agile Human Capital Management platform that promises maximum employee and company satisfaction, by helping fast-paced and evolving organisations automate their day-to-day HR processes efficiently.

the Challenges

Despite the brand’s in-house content team consistently producing high quality content, there wasn’t an increase in the CTR on paid ads.

As a constantly growing organisation, Darwinbox had a growing demand for unique and knowledgeable marketing collateral, and the in-house team alone lacked the bandwidth to accommodate this increasing need.

As new mediums were being introduced to their marketing funnels, there was a striking need to achieve seamless consistency in design language for collaterals across all mediums.

the approach

We built a good rapport with their internal team, and identified their current limitations.

We were able to pin down various conversion-centred touchpoints in their marketing funnels, and helped the team design result-driven collaterals for each of them.

Their in-house design team found a vetted team of trusted design partners in us, who proactively stepped in whenever needed, and brought consistency to their brand visuals across various mediums.

the impact

The new brand identity completely reflected the brand’s core principles and was well appreciated by the founders.

The renewed look of their physical storefront and online store led to an increase in footfalls and website traffic.

The company profile acted as a crucial digital asset and a robust marketing tool.

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Khadija Abidin

founder at darwinbox

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